Privacy Policy


Our Privacy Policy is about to deliver the correct information to our clients. It is our primary concern here at Instantsupporthelpline . The tech support team gives a promise to our client and assures the complete protection of their data, kept as safe & secure. In addition, as a policy when executes on Instantsupporthelpline site, it gives a good indulgent of how customer's personal information is collected from a user, that was used and strewn by the organization. We keep our entire customer's information confidential and private. Our company privacy policy is classified into several ways as discussed below-

How to Seek Clients Information Collection

The tech support team requires each & every user a complete personal identification as like their valid documents.

Personal Identification Collection

Our team collects personal data of all users as individuals in a certain number that is associated innumerable ways with all activities including services, its excellent features and other resources that are quite available which are represented on our website. We collect only voluntarily details that are offered by a customer. Other popular methods of collecting personal identification consisting of cookies & call recording.

Non-Identification Information

Generally, our team gathers the non-identification personal information of the user it is because if any customer visits our website. The non-personal information helps to know the website visitor browser name, a type of device he or she using, including other technical information that is related to the tech support connectivity mean.

Web Browser Cookies

Web browser cookies are in small files that are collected by our clients as their personal information and including their overall technical experience with a site. This is mandatory that our clients use site cookies just to improve the client's skills. Moreover, also taken some other steps can proceed further & would be taken to recover on it. If in any case, a web browser will not accept or reject cookies, a user will fail to access the site certain features or their tech support services related to any of these websites. Cookies are the most popular medium that aid to count the innumerable devices accessed on our site, personalizing the customer's overall experience & identified the system's user preference.

Call Recording

In order to raise up the quality of our services, Instantsupporthelpline has a right to record all client's calls. This is because in case clients cannot change their statement as per we discussed between technicians & a customer. However, respecting the wishes of clients, we at Instantsupporthelpline give them proper right to either disconnect a call being recorded with our team. It's completely up to them (customers) if they agree to these conditions or ask the organization to not record any call at all. That's all.

How to Use the Collected Information

Our tech support website collects the user's personal information as per the given details.

  • To run our website, we require their information that helps to appear the content in a proper manner.
  • Our tech executives use the cookies just to improve the products as well as instant support help services.

Give your Acceptance by Using These Terms

While using our site, we need the customer's acceptance of this privacy policy. If you did not like or disagreed our company policies in any case, please exit immediately from our services.