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America Online mail service has been widely used across the globe due to its enhanced & advantageous features. But there are numerous error code that generally appears on the AOL email account while trying to access the account swiftly. In such scenario, AOL users unable to access the AOL account whenever AOL error 212 occurs. It is one of a most frequently reoccurring error. Usually, this error shows up while sending an email via messenger utilizing this particular platform. In this technical blog, we will briefly let AOL customers/clients know symptoms, causes, and solution of error code 212. However, if require instant help & support via expert AOL advisors — get in touch with them at AOL Support Number.

Symptom of AOL Error Code 212

List of signs that commonly shows up when the AOL error code 212 appears:

  • System windows program crashes frequently.
  • Computer starts performing sluggishly.
  • Keyboard input and mouse responds late.
  • AOL error code 212 appears on the display.
  • Computer freezes periodically.

Causes of Error Code 212

See the possible reasons that lead to the AOL Instant Messenger error code 212:

  • Incorrect, incomplete, or corrupt download and installation of AOL instant messenger software.
  • If the windows registries are corrupted.
  • Malicious threats such as viruses & Trojans infect the AOL associated files.
  • Mistakenly or maliciously deleted AOL programs.
  • Over laden or stuffed browser with cache & cookies.
  • Outdated system browser.
  • Firewall & antivirus program restrict the AOL programs.

Contact AOL to avail better guidance to prevent this specific error code. Their efficient team will deliver the easiest way to prevent the occurrence of AOL error code 212.

Solution of AOL Instant Messenger Error 212

Check out the following ways to troubleshoot AOL Instant Messenger Error 212. Continue one-by-one with each ways if the previous doesn't work as expected:

  • Way1: Repair all the entries of the registry files related with the AOL error 212.
  • Way2: At first, install reputed antivirus software and run the full system scan process to eliminate all the viruses & threats.
  • Way3: Remove/delete the entire junk and temporary files in the system.
  • Way4: Update the system drivers.
  • Way5: 'Undo' the recent system changes using 'Windows System Restore' utility.
  • Way6: Uninstall & reinstall AOL instant messenger program linked with error code 212.
  • Way7: Make sure than the system hard drive free from corruption.
  • Way8: Execute the Windows clean installation process.

We expect and assure AOL users that the above-shown ways can perform well for AOL instant messenger error 212. If still some AOL issue bothering you..! In such case, AOL customers/clients can dial the AOL Support Number for seamless assistance.

AOL Desktop Error Code 212 Quick Fix – AOL Support Number

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